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6 Family Business
Get to know Midwest Enterprises

10 Mounting Solutions
Considerations for your rooftop

14 Rain Handling
Solutions to gutter challenges

18 Insulation Insights
Target R-values for attics

21 Technical Bulletin
Effects of ponding water on low-slope roof systems

22 Hail Impact Ratings
Measuring up asphalt shingles

32 Lightning Update
IBC updates code language

36 Favorable Situation
America’s leafiest capital cities

38 Fire Prevention
Fire-resistant roofing materials

40 Organic Impact
Pine Straw vs. Metal

42 FRSA Report
Business gets done in Orlando

Roofing Technologies Section

45 New Technology
Roof inspection gets an AI upgrade

46 Drone Data
Iowa company using drones to analyze roofs

47 Thermography
Why certification matters

48 Project of the Month

Residential Restoration

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