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6 ARMA Tech Report
Prevent damage from ice dams

8 Problem & Solutions
Ice dam causes and mitigation
Melting Ice Dams With Heated Cables

12 IRE Returning to Vegas
What’s new at IRE 2024 (article not posted online. Read in the issue PDF.)

14 Advertising Matters
Why print advertising works

18 FORTIFIED Standard
What it is, why it matters

20 Sealants 101
Sealant uses & compatibilities

23 SPRI Report
An up-close look at construction-generated moisture

26 Business Profile
Meet All New Gutter

29 Business Profile
Meet Chicagoland’s Ridgeworth Roofing

34 Metal Roofing Minutes
WindBar vs wind uplift

40 Roofing Technologies
Finding moisture with thermal imaging

51 Construction Survey Insights

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