New award recognizes individuals’ impact
on construction trade

The Shield Wall Media Building Progress Award is a brand-new award that will recognize those who have made significant impacts on the growth and/or development of the construction trade.

Before we press forward with taking a look at the nomination and election process, let’s take a brief step back and recognize the final recipients of the Hall of Fame awards that the new award is replacing. The Metal Roofing Magazine Hall of Fame and the Rural Builder Hall of Fame awards were both long-standing programs. 

The Metal Roofing Magazine Hall of Fame ran from 2007 to 2019, with the final award being presented to Tom Hulsey, who was Vice President of Engineering for ST Fastening Systems prior to his retirement. Bruce Crouch, President of ST Fastening Systems, accepted the award on Hulsey’s behalf at the first Construction Rollforming Show in December 2019. 

The Rural Builder Hall of Fame ran from 1982 to 2020, with the final, 2020 awards being presented to Curt A. Gooch, Cornell University; Randy Ridenour, who retired from Atlas Bolt & Screw Co.; and Michael J. Dunipace, owner of Dunipace Buildings. See the facing page for all Hall of Fame members.

What the New Award Is ALL About

Both of the Shield Wall Media Hall of Fame programs have now come to a close and have been replaced by the Building Progress Award program. In this program, one award will be presented each year, beginning in 2022. Anyone can nominate one or more individuals who have had a significant impact on some facet of the construction trades serving the town and country market. 

As the name implies, the Building Progress Award will be bestowed upon someone who has spent their career bettering and advancing the low-rise construction industry. Those advancements may include innovating products or processes, developing solutions to significant problems in the trade, influencing young people entering the workforce or people from other professions to join the construction trades, supporting trade education efforts, or any number of other ways to positively influence the construction industry. 

Nomination and Voting Process 

The nomination process is non-exclusionary; anyone who has a vested interest in the construction trade may nominate a candidate who has made an impact on the low-rise construction industry. Builders, manufacturers, public relations and media professionals, and anyone else who comes in frequent and close contact with construction trade leaders and influencers are in an excellent position to make nominations. 

Candidates must have made exceptional, enduring contributions to the success of the industry and must have been active in the industry for a minimum of 10 years. Individuals who have received entry into the Metal Roofing Magazine Hall of Fame or Rural Builder Hall of Fame are eligible for the Building Progress Award. 

Once a nominee’s qualifications have been reviewed and vetted, the candidate’s professional profile will be published online and in all Shield Wall Media titles (time permitting).

See page 12 for the nomination form. The Nomination Period for the Building Progress Award cycle closes December 31 each year. Voting for the first award cycle will commence January 1, 2022. Ballots will be published in each of our magazines and distributed via email, with voting also available online.

Voting for the inaugural award will continue through the final day of the 2022 Construction Rollforming Show, which will be held in August. (Exact dates will be announced as the 2022 show plans develop.) Voting is open to everyone 18 years of age or older, but is limited to one vote per person. 

The candidate with the most votes will be announced as the winner, with the announcement live-streamed from the Garage, Shed and Carport Builder Show in November 2022. This person will have the distinction of being honored with the inaugural Shield Wall Media Building Progress Award. Additionally, Shield Wall Media will donate $1,000 to the charity of the recipient’s choice. The charity is subject to approval and must be a 501(c)(3) organization. 

All non-winning candidates will be rolled over and included on the following year’s ballot, making repeat nominations unnecessary. l

Honoring Hall of Fame Members

As we move away from our former award programs, we would like to honor all previous winners, listed here:


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Metal Roofing Magazine Hall of Fame

2007 Jack Berridge

2007 Herb Englert

2007 Thomas “Tem” McElroy

2007 Don Miller

2008 Angelo Borzillo

2008 A.R. Ginn

2009 Red McConnohie

2009 Harold Schroth

2010 Pat Bush

2011 Ewald Stellrecht

2012 Dave Hunt

2013 Dick Bus

2014 Tom Black

2014 Dave Fulton

2014 John Kelly

2015 Alfred Dunlop

2015 Robert Scichili

2016 Ken Buchinger

2017 Randy Ridenour

2018 Bill Hippard

2019 Tom Hulsey

Rural Builder
Hall of Fame 

1982 Ed Bahler

1982 Walter Behlen

1982 Marvin Hall

1982 Russell Lehe 

1982 Bob Moore

1982 John Pedersen

1983 Walt Keller

1983 Bob Rowe

1984 Freemon Borkholder

1984 Carl Kroh

1984 Art Muehling

1984 Jim Picha

1984 George Squires

1985 Ben Boehler

1985 Bill Friday

1985 Gayle Merrill

1985 B.G. Perkins

1986 Don Farris 

1986 Pete Kohl

1986 Bruce McKenzie

1987 Harry Bott

1987 Don Jedele

1987 Dave Maupin

1988 Calvin Baird

1988 Bill Bickert

1988 Bill Uphoff

1989 Doug Deniston

1989 Jim Frame

1989 Jon Schwichtenberg

1989 Frank Woeste

1990 Brian Holmes

1990 Ben Klauer

1990 Frank Lessiter

1990 Bill McMahon

1991 George Eberle

1991 H.B. Manbeck

1991 Leo Souder

1992 Dwaine Bundy

1992 Pete Loveland

1992 Jack Walters

1993 Henry Getz

1993 Thomas “Tem” McElroy

1993 Neil Meador

1994 Karl Brickl

1994 Calvin O. Cramer

1994 John F. Wick

1995 Donald Bender

1995 Virgil Hartje

1995 Paul Hinshaw

1996 David Bohnhoff

1996 Roger Oimoen

1996 Dick Zimmerman

1997 Gary Anderson

1997 Randy Wanta

1997 Clyde Wynn

1998 Tom Boston

1998 Jim Peters

1998 Gerald Riskowski

1998 Robert L. Skaggs

1999 David Kammel

1999 David Pogrant

1999 James Walter

2000 Robert Graves

2000 Pat McGuire

2000 Robert Resch

2001 Gil Friesen

2001 Kifle Gebremedhin

2001 Jerry Johnson

2002 Barry Bahler

2002 Larry D. Jacobson

2002 Rich Paul, Jr.

2003 Jay D. Harmon

2003 Steve Mikkelson

2003 Ron Sutton

2004 Vince Draper

2004 Leo Shirek

2004 Jerry Wille

2005 Earl Erickson

2005 Bill Koenig

2005 Bob Lee

2006 Stan Brickl

2006 Pat Murphy

2006 Tim Royer

2007 Steve Hoff

2007 Glen Thomsen

2007 Bill Thul

2008 Louis Albright

2008 Gerald Richardson

2008 Arthur Shirk

2009 Ray Bucklin

2009 Eugene Thiede

2009 Tom Wick

2010 Robert Brisky

2010 Daniel Hindman, Ph.D.

2010 Tom Koch

2011 Rick Bragg

2011 L. Bynum Driggers

2011 Kenneth K. Kistler

2012 John R. Darrah

2012 Steve Eversole

2012 Ted L. Funk

2013 Dwayne Borkholder

2013 Stephen Pohl

2013 Wayne Schrock

2014 Al Geisthardt

2014 John Hill

2014 Rick Stowell

2015 Larry Edema

2015 James T. Knight

2015 Douglas Overhults

2016 Dave Brakeman

2016 Mike Brugger

2016 Jim Simon

2017 Glen S. Graber

2017 Kenneth J. Guffey

2017 Joseph M. Zulovich

2018 Mike Burkholder

2018 Sam Cottrell

2018 Joe Harner

2019 Paul Boor

2019 Jim Dobrzynski

2019 Dan McFarland

2020 Michael J. Dunipace

2020 Curt A. Gooch

2020 Randy Ridenour