What percentage of your business comes from customer referrals?  Would you like it to be more?

Referrals have an advantage.  A satisfied customers endorsement carries a lot of weight with their friends.  In essence they are pre-sold.  They know what they are getting and believe you are the right person for the job.

There are two keys to generating referrals.  The first is to ask for them.

The second is exceed expectations and help your customers solve problems and have a positive buying experience.

Items like cleaning up after and professional behavior help, but what are you doing to inspire their dreams and manage their expectations?

Positive Customer Experiences Benefit Builders

Being successful can be boiled down pretty simply by two words: customer satisfaction. Offering and delivering a good experience makes sales happen every day. Pro Tips On books offer you the chance to deliver opportunity to your clients. 

They will see you function as a:

Problem solver.

Customers seeking a build change, like a metal roof, are dealing with a perceived problem. Pro Tips On helps establish you as a solution provider. Sometimes there are physical issues of damage to items like a roof and other times there are issues of aging that motivate folks seeking ease of lifestyle changes.


Knowledge makes people feel comfortable. People do not often buy large items, so they will have lots of questions. Being open about sharing what people need to know to make the best decision for themselves makes you look good. It shows you are conscientious about their experience. Pro Tips On books help you have a directed conversation because you are able to share educational content from the same source.


Security in your expertise that becomes collaterally their expertise is reassuring. Seeing your business included in, and on the cover of, a nationally market book with educational content from experts shows your commitment to your trade.

Risk Explainer.

People contemplating a build often find the base risk is affordable cost versus longevity. Pro Tips On books explore differences in ways the matter. Pro Tips On Your Metal Roof covers the different types and gauges of roofing metal, the coating choices, and impacts of climate.

Relationship Builder.

Ease of experience. Having a clear understanding of responsibilities is important. Once a customer knows what they want they need to know they will receive it in a prompt and professional manner. Pro Tips On Your Metal Roof offers reassuring contract guidance specifications that benefit both the customer and the builder.

Dream Provider.

Pride in finished product. People like to feel they have made good decisions and enjoy when others compliment their choices. They like to know what they have envisioned will last. Pro Tips On books will help you educate you customers about warranty, so they know what to expect and the right way to take care of their roof moving forward.

Being involved in distributing a published book shows you are serious about your business. It allows you to have productive conversations with your clients. It opens the door to a great follow up call after you give someone a copy of the book to see if they have any questions.

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