We purchased the construction division of a publishing company about a year and a half ago. Several very smart and successful friends warned me against print magazines. The conventional wisdom flowing from experts (and other people with no skin in the game) was “print is dying, digital is the future.” About then, their voices transitioned to the “wah wah wah” that the Charlie Brown cartoons use to represent adults.

Here we go again—our second new print magazine in the last year. It seems fitting that both magazines have launched during a zombie apocalypse. Last year’s launch, Garage, Shed and Carport Builder, is a success and has spawned a new trade show.

People have a fundamental misunderstanding of the challenges facing media and the world in general. Everything depends on the relationship between the product and the end user. In the case of media, this is the relationship between information and the person reading, watching, or listening. If the information is useful and relevant, the method of delivery is almost irrelevant. Focus on perfecting your product and everything else falls into place.

There is a misplaced emphasis on speed of delivery above quality. Bad information, or an inferior product, provided fast and easy is not a recipe for long-term success.

We do explore new areas of technology. In the last year, we put our magazines on Kindle, launched four new digital buyers’ guides, and held virtual versions of our trade shows. We are currently redesigning our websites. But ultimately, we recognize that everything comes down to delivering exceptional product.

Roofing Elements is a quarterly magazine about weather, heat, cold, wind, and other physical elements and how they affect roofing and roofers. This new title will focus on research, technical information, and practical tips to help you perfect your product.

Today, the magazine is printed and mailed. Maybe soon it will be psychically transmitted. Either method of delivery is about conveying useful information.

I hope you enjoy holding, reading, and turning the pages of our newest magazine, Roofing Elements.

Gary Reichert, Publisher
[email protected]