Everest Systems recently launched ECO-LEVEL, a fast cure and extremely durable self-leveling repair compound for the elimination of ponding areas on aged flat roofs. The compound was designed in response to common building and roof complications caused by long durations of ponding water and costly measures for mitigating the problem areas. ECO-LEVEL can be applied on multiple locations on a roof including areas around drains, skylight curbs, vents and HVAC curbs on a variety of substrates. 

Due to its unique formula, ECO-LEVEL is easy to use, dries quickly, has a self-leveling effect and can even repair existing roof blisters and defects. It prevents water buildup behind air conditioners and vents on sloped metal roofs and can be used on its own on recessed problem areas or in conjunction with EVERTHIX, a fibrous bulking agent from Everest used for additional reinforcement. 

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