Owens Corning is investing in the longevity of a roof’s curb appeal as it transitions shingle lines and all hip and ridge shingles to a 25-year Algae Resistance Limited Warranty (up from 10 years). Covering most Owens Corning laminate shingles, the warranty uses a system approach that pairs proprietary shingle technology with hip and ridge components to help protect homes’ roofs against stains and streaks caused by blue-green algae for up to 25 years. To get the most protection (and this enhanced warranty), approved Owens Corning hip and ridge shingles will need to be installed alongside a new algae resistant laminate shingle roof. 

The long-term protection against blue-green algae is achieved by changes Owens Corning made to its advanced granule formulation. Paired with hip and ridge components, laminate shingles with StreakGuardTM Algae Resistance Protection are formulated to help protect against blue-green algae staining and discoloration for 25 years, contributing to a home’s long-term curb appeal. The combination of laminate shingles with hip and ridge components works to deliver protection against algae that covers the entire slope of a home’s roof.

Algae is a particular challenge for roofs in warm, humid environments, especially in Southern regions. Caused by microorganisms from the family Gloeocapsa, blue-green algae tolerate drought and heat and can survive in a dormant state even during winter’s cold temperatures. Ink-like streaks on rooftops are accumulations of blue-green algae. As these microorganisms can be carried by the wind, blue-green algae can “spread” from house to house.