Certainteed® launches Landmark® ClimateFlex® Shingles

CertainTeed, a North American manufacturer of building materials, has launched its new Landmark ClimateFlex algae-resistant (AR) shingles. This new product improves upon CertainTeed’s popular shingle line with advances in polymer science, offering enhanced granule adhesion, hail resistance, and cold-weather flexibility. Over time, CertainTeed will introduce ClimateFlex technology to other existing shingle lines.

In addition to the impact resistance and cold-weather resiliency improvements of ClimateFlex, CertainTeed will begin introducing its improved NailTrak® feature to many of its most popular shingle lines. NailTrak provides a nailing area three times wider than standard laminate shingles and clear nailing lines that are highly visible even in low-light conditions.


Improved solar panel lift from Safety Hoist Company

Safety Hoist Company has designed the Flat Panel Solar Cradle to help transport flat panels quicker and more efficiently. Now, the user can safely and securely lift decking materials, solar panels, plywood, drywall, windows, siding, and much more with the push of a button. The electric- or gas-powered material hoist with the Flat Panel Solar Cradle attachment is lightweight and portable enough to be used on any job without interfering with the workspace, and can lift up to 500 lbs in 20 seconds. Designed to be unloaded directly onto the roof work surface, the flat panel attachment allows workers to safely stand away from the roof edge while unloading their materials. Made using fewer parts, setup and breakdown are quicker and easier than ever before.


Ox’s New Ice and Water Guard Roof Underlayment

Ox Engineered Products, manufacturer of structural sheathing and thermal insulation products, introduces ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard™, a self-adhered, slip-resistant roof underlayment. Ideal for tile and metal roofs that can last up to 75 years, ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard includes four key components: a rubberized asphalt adhesive base layer; woven and non-woven reinforcement layers (laminated together); a UV-shielded waterproof layer for protection from rain, snow, and ice; and a top layer that includes a SlipSafe® Technology walking surface to reduce the chance of slips or falls during installation.


Falltech introduces Ft-one™ full body harness with multiple features

Designed for total comfort, built for the toughest jobs—FallTech’s patent-pending FT-ONE harness gives you freedom to work at your best without soreness or fatigue. Features include: Comfort Legs™ lateral leg straps; Trauma Relief Packs that deploy quickly in the event of a fall; numerous lacing points for adjustable tool bag positions; abrasion-resistant shoulder panels; custom gel inserts and padding; and an ArrowGrip™ D-ring design for enhanced safety and security.