Solar no longer has to be an addition to the roof — it can be the roof. SunStyle® announces the expansion of its operations to customers in the U.S. Compared to conventional solar panels, the SunStyle solar shingles enhance a roof’s appearance by providing an edge-to-edge, full-coverage solar roof that is strong, leak-proof, and integrates well with any architectural style; it also pays for itself with the power it generates.

The company’s distinctive Swiss-engineered solar roofing shingles have been installed on hundreds of projects in Europe, including residences, churches, schools, businesses, government and industrial sites. In the U.S., SunStyle’s “dragon scale” tiles can be seen on Google’s new campus in Mountain View, California, and are being installed on commercial and residential projects around the country. 

SunStyle’s UL/IEC-certified solar roof shingles are made with monocrystalline PERC solar cells to maximize the efficiency of the roof. Aesthetically pleasing yet rugged, the solar shingles are more durable than most standard roofing materials, even in harsh weather conditions. SunStyle’s solar tiles meet both the industry standards for solar modules as well as the standards required by building and construction codes, including achieving the highest possible ratings for hail (FM 4473 Class 4), fire (UL 790 Class A), and wind resistance (ASTM D3161 Class F).