Welcome to the Summer issue of Roofing Elements.

We are surrounded by “interesting” economic news. Gas prices topping $5/gallon nationally, real wages falling, GDP down last quarter and several major banks predicting a recession.

One of my favorite memes is of a frog choking a pelican that is trying to swallow him (or her, difficult to tell from the drawing). That is the way my magazines and I will go into a recession or economic down turn.

Despite impending doom, our industry seems to be doing pretty well, under the circumstances.

The Business Climate Survey we are conducting should be closed by the time this issue prints and mails. Since it is our own survey, I cheat a little and check the responses as they come in.

The results are not off the charts positive like they were last year. But they are (on average) up slightly in profitability and gross sales. Considering 2021 was the best year in their history for many roofers and builders, we need to take yes for an answer. Less than 5% claimed any significant decline.

We will continue to experience pressure from worker shortages and gas prices. Some of the supply chain issues seem to be sorting out. Lumber prices are coming down and availability improving. I hear rumors that metal may follow.

Roofing, metal roofing and construction are still strong and doing more than just surviving the challenges. Despite warnings that the end is near, we ain’t there yet. Take yes for an answer and channel all of your froggishness … Never give up.