Welcome to the first ever issue of Roofing Elements Magazine! This has been a labor of love and I am so proud to share it with our readers. I’ve been the Managing Editor of Metal Roofing Magazine for just over a year, and I am far from an expert on the topic of metal roofing. But, in these 14 months, I have learned a lot and have been constantly fascinated by the engineering, testing, and design that goes into each roof, enabling them to last for 25, 50, or more years.

Now, with Roofing Elements Magazine, I am excited to learn about and cover all roofing types. In the coming months, we aim to answer many questions on roofing materials and their interaction with the elements. How do asphalt shingles handle fading and decomposition from the sun? What roofing insulation types are the best to keep heat and cold where you want them? Why were the Miami-Dade requirements created and what do they mean for you as an installer? All of these topics and more are being planned for future issues.

That being said, what do you want to know more about? I want to be sure we are providing the most useful, pertinent information for you as a roofing contractor. See my signature below for my email address—please don’t hesitate to reach out! With this being our very first issue, I hope that the contents are interesting and informative, and I am prepared for critiques, both good and bad.

I am also on the hunt for roofing projects for each issue’s Project of the Month feature. These can be any roofing type, but must have quality, high-resolution photos and relate to weather and the elements in some way. If you recently completed a roof that was chosen specifically to combat hurricane winds, snowstorms, hail, desert sun, or any other form of extreme weather, we want to hear about it! (Submissions are subject to editing for clarity or length.) Send them my way using my email address below, or mail the information and photos to: Roofing Elements Magazine, Attn: Jessica Franchuk, PO Box 255, Iola, WI 54945.

I hope you enjoy this premiere issue and look forward to your feedback!

Jessica Franchuk
Managing Editor
[email protected]