Polyglass Polyanchor Underlayment

Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. has announced the release of PolyanchorTM SU, a lightweight, nailable synthetic roof underlayment designed to protect the roof deck. 

It offers superior strength compared to traditional felts resulting in enhanced wind uplift resistance, increased durability in the face of heavy foot traffic, and resilience against adverse weather conditions. The lightweight design of the 10-square roll ensures a swift and efficient roof deck covering process for installers.  

The product is suited for use under asphalt shingles, synthetic shingles, and cedar shake roof covering systems accommodating a variety of roofing materials. Featuring a non-woven fiber surface top and polymeric coated bottom surface, Polyanchor SU provides durability through heavy foot traffic

Progressive Materials Ready Patch

Silicone roof coatings manufacturer Progressive Materials (PM Silicone), based in southern Indiana, has announced the introduction of its latest product: Ready Patch (RP 300), a versatile, fibered sealant that’s designed to stop leaks instantly — even under water. This new product can be applied on flat or vertical surfaces and stops water penetration instantly. RP 300 will cure out completely in wet or dry locations and will result in a flexible patch over holes, cracks, or splits, as well as around flashings, vents, metal edging, and more.

Key benefits include: No mixing necessary; can be applied under water/on wet surfaces, in temps as low as -20°F; adheres to almost any surface and freeze/thaw stable; can be re-coated with silicone or acrylic coatings; low VOCs and low flash point; freeze/thaw stable.

Benjamin Obdyke VaporDry SA Underlayment

Benjamin Obdyke is addressing an increasing problem of moisture buildup under the roof with the introduction of VaporDry SA, one of the industry’s first self-adhered, vapor-permeable roofing membranes. 

VaporDry SA features a continuous acrylic adhesive that is repositionable during installation and self-seals around roofing fasteners, allowing the membrane to serve as an air-control layer in addition to a moisture-control layer. The acrylic adhesive also is approved for 250-degree F service temperatures, so it is appropriate for use under metal roofs. The membrane’s tri-laminate structure is durable under foot traffic, and a reinforcement scrim in the adhesive provides for more tensile strength. The surface is slip-resistant and features printed overlay guides for easier installation. 

VaporDry SA is suitable for use with all roofing types, including wood, metal, composite, and asphalt, with a pitch of 3:12 or greater. For maximum drying potential, install VaporDry SA as a system with Cedar Breather Ventilated Roof Mat for wood, metal, and cold roof applications. VaporDry SA meets ASTM D1970 testing standards for nail sealability and ICC-ES AC48 for Self-Adhered Underlayments to be used as an ice barrier, and it can be left exposed for 120 days. It comes in 4.75’ x 80’ rolls.


Rocky Mountain Snow Guards Drift Solar Snow Fence System

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc. has introduced the Drift Solar Snow Fence System. Designed specifically for snow retention below solar panel installations on shingle roofs, the 12” tall, 4-pipe aluminum Drift Solar snow retention system ensures no snow slips past the snow fence. The system comes in Mill Finish Aluminum or Coated Aluminum. 

Suitable for both new roof and retrofit roof applications, the brackets must be bolted down to the roof support structure. Installation should be such that there is a minimum of 12” between the bottom of the solar panel and the snow fence tubes.  The bracket can be flush at the eave with the tubing side facing down-slope (reversed installation compared to other snow fence installations). 

Five ½” x 3.5” lag bolts (not included) and the individually sold Ice Screens must be installed with the Drift Solar snow fence system to impede the movement of snow between the tubing. Drift Solar 4-Pipe Fence-Style Snow Guard Bolt-Down Brackets are also available for end placements on the system.